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A Joyful Manchester Wedding with covid restrictions.

It was a windy day in August. My FIRST and LAST wedding of 2020! If I had to pick one thing that stood out from Rhea and alex’s wedding it was the the complete joy of this couple that they could go ahead with their wedding, and it can certainly be seen on their photos! At the time there were restrictions in place that … Read More A Joyful Manchester Wedding with covid restrictions.


Ok, so lockdown 2020 isn’t really a thing anymore. It has been a few weeks though since my last blog post on the subject, so I thought I’d fill you in on what I have been up to life and work wise. Somewhere over the last few months I stepped on board the Coronacoaster! One moment I’m coping fine and having fun in the … Read More LOCKDOWN LIFEPART 2

Lockdown Life Part 1

It’s oficially week 5 of the UK leg of the Lockdown. It looks different for everyone and I believe everyone is struggling, just in different ways. For me and my little family it has been tough but bearable. We are fortunate that my husband is still working, as he is a key worker. My work has slowed down a lot, as it would with … Read More Lockdown Life Part 1


Oh how I’ve longed for this moment! I have finally found the ultimate album, in my opinion ๐Ÿ™‚ and I can’t wait to start creating lots of these for you, my lovely past or present couples ! The thing is I have looked at various options in the past and I hadn’t found an option that I absolutely loved, until now. My “must haves” … Read More THE ALBUM

What if it rains?

This is a questions I get asked quite a bit, whether clients are getting married or having a family shoot with me the weather is something that sits at the back of our minds when it comes to photos. As I boldly pencil in your wedding date in my 5 year diary I must admit I don’t worry about the weather to much. I … Read More What if it rains?