It’s oficially week 5 of the UK leg of the Lockdown. It looks different for everyone and I believe everyone is struggling, just in different ways. For me and my little family it has been tough but bearable.

We are fortunate that my husband is still working, as he is a key worker. My work has slowed down a lot, as it would with social distancing meaning that weddings aren’t going ahead as planned for the moment and family shoots have been called of as we aren’t supposed to travel unnecessarily. I am still taking enquiries and booking for when this is all over, and let’s just say with everything being postponed and rescheduled, when this is all over I am going to be a very busy photographer, and to be honest I can’t wait 🙂

Photography is my absolute love, and if I had any other job this would be my hobby and side hustle! Even though life is busier than ever for me at the moment, I still need to take photos, it’s part of my identity, I can’t not do it. I have started to document lots of our lockdown existence and it has been so good to stay creative and keep shooting.

We have been for countryside walks (which we are very thankful for) , baked, home schooled, made balloon installations, played, cried and had slow starts to our days. Life has been a box of chocolates in more ways than one !

Whatever your Lockdown Life is looking like, I hope you are well. I hope you are staying hopeful and upbeat as much as possible. I hope that when life changed outwardly you started to change inwardly, for the better. Even though we are locked in we can still be free <3

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  1. Lovely pictures hun xx

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