I have wanted to do a series of blog posts where I take on a few topics that are frequently asked about. For my first one I have decided to take on one of my favourite subjects, the confetti shot 🙂

I was talking to a bride the other day who said she wanted to meet me because she loves pretty confetti shots and she could tell I do to. I was overjoyed! She was right, when a newly married couple emerges from the ceremony venue and are greeted by their adoring friends and family, showering them with celebratory confetti you do get absolutely beautiful photos. I love the colour, joy, celebration and natural expressions.

I always encourage my couples to enjoy the moment, celebrate, smile and don’t walk to fast. Another tip I have is to make sure you don’t forget to bring confetti! In the process of wedding planning, the actual confetti is a details so easily looked over. I have often been to weddings where there was no official confetti and a hand full of guests happened to bring some of their own but the overall effect was underwhelming, so if this is a shot you have on your wishlist, please don’t forget the confetti.

Here are just a few of my all time favourite confetti moments that I have captured, some of these I captured while assisting some awesome wedding photographers.

Some of these images were even captured while it was raining heavily and we needed to improvise but we got it done and the results are brilliant. If you are debating whether to do a confetti shot, my answer is YES YES YES !!!

Oh Me Oh My, Liverpool
A bride and grooms walks as guests throw confetti over them
Openshaw, Manchester
Bride and groom walks while guests throws confetti over them
The Wellbeing Farm
Captured while assisting Wambam Weddings
Another Place The Lakes, Ullswater
Guiting Power, Gloucestershire
The Outbarn.
Captured while assisting the lovely Wambam Weddings

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