Although I have made the UK my home in the last few years, I still have so much more of this beautiful land left to explore!

We recently spent a week on holiday in beautiful Anglesey. It was so much like the part of South Africa where I grew up with beautiful beaches, mountains and we had fantastic weather for the most part. There was one incident though when the hubs and I stopped with our eldest girl for a cheeky ice cream and cake at a stunning beach cafe because we got caught in the rain as weย walked back to our cottage. Apart from that one day we had sunshine all week!

I took my camera and got a chance to take some holiday photos, it was so relaxing at times to just wander off by myself and take photos of whatever I liked the look of. We went with a pair of grandparents and an Auntie who you may see on some of these. Oh and of course you will see our boy’s “holiday face” as he calls it lol ! It’s a big massive smile he gave me everytime I took a photo of him.

Anyhow it was beautiful and here are some photos ๐Ÿ™‚

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